Both of these teams have made their way to the World Series under very tough circumstances. The Boston Red Sox found themselves down three games to one to a very tough Cleveland Indians team. Yes when they traveled home to Fenway park for their next three games the tables turned, and Red Sox Nation helped pull their beloved team to victory. This kind of comeback victory was nothing new to Boston fans, as they watched them come from behind three games to none to beat the hated Yankees in 2004 before winning the World Series.

In regards to this season, the Rockies had an even tougher road. In the middle of September the Rockies were near the bottom of the division of the National League West, and then an amazing thing happened. Itís like the Rockies forgot how to lose. In the next 22 games, including the playoffs, the Rockies have won 21 in row. The streak has already been regarded as one of the best streaks in the history of baseball, and maybe even the history of sports. If you believe in the theory that teams have a better chance to win when they are peaking, then this is the team for you. No team has even remotely come close to being on a run like this entering the championship series. The Colorado Rockies are also benefiting from over a week of rest, as the Red Sox just finished a seven game series.

Another factor that may come into play is weather. During the season you usually hear of rain delays, but hardly ever snow delays. The weather is already having an impact on the Rockies training schedule, as they have been moved to inside facilities because of a snowstorm in Denver. The weather isnít exactly warm in Boston this time of year either. If the series were to extend to a game 7, it would be November 1, very close to winter, especially in these northern states. The scientific aspect of the cold weather will be that the ball is less likely to fly off the bat, and we may see some low scoring games from two teams that are known to pound the pound over the fence from time to time. It will be interesting to see which team, if either, benefits from perhaps the slower game.

The star for the Red Sox this post season has been pitcher Josh Beckett. Beckett is no stranger to big games, leading the Florida Marlins past the New York Yankees in 2003. In three games this season, Beckett has a 1.17 ERA and has struck out 26 batters in 23 innings. While winning all of his starts, he has looked dominate at times. He will be the opening game pitcher for the Sox. Beckett will be opposed by Jeff Francis who is 2-0 this postseason, with a 2.13 ERA. Francis doesnít have the same big game experience of Beckett, but you couldnít tell that from the way he is pitching so far in the playoffs. The expected starters for game two will be Ubaldo Jimenez vs. one of the best postseason pitchers of all time, Curt Schilling. The third game, when the series shifts to Colorado, will be Daisuke Matsuzaka vs. Josh Fogg. The starters for the rest of the series are yet to be determined.

The offensive side of the game could be a very exciting one, despite the weather concerns. The Rockies will be led by their young superstar Matt Holliday, while the Red Sox will depend on the big bats of David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez. The Red Sox are also enjoying the up and coming young stars on their team that have shined in the playoffs. The Red Sox would not be in the World Series if it werenít for Kevin Youkilis and Dustin Pedroia. They have both made clutch hits continually in the playoffs, making them the next great legends for Red Sox Nation.

The Red Sox will be favored in the series, but it is nearly impossible to discredit the magnitude of the streak the Rockies are on. Sometimes teams win 10 of 11, or even a little more, but this streak is taking on a life of its own. Who is to say that they wonít be able to ride the streak to four more victories and a World Series championship? The Red Sox fans on the other hand are confident because there is nothing that can phase this group of players. They seem to be enjoying every moment of another World Series run, and they have rarely looked rattled, including when they were down 3-1 to the Indians. The home field advantage for both teams will play a major role, and I can see this series going a full seven games.

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