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March 26th, 2007

2007 Masters, What March Madness- Masters Madness

masters.bmpSo for these last few weeks we have all been focused on what March Madness is all about, well now we are down to just three games to go and once again we will see a team become National Champions. Could Florida pull of a back to back National Championships???? Well folks time will tell, for us golf Nuts and I know there are plenty of us out there, we are all looking forward to the first week in April every year. Why? because of the greatest golf tournament that is played on Earth Takes place in Agusta, Georgia at the all famous Agusta National. This is the Heaven of all golfers its an honor and serves as braging rights for a life time, people are heard braging that they simply got to walk the course, no not talking about getting to play it, simply go watch the Pros hit it around the harmony of Amens Corner…. Yes we all know that I am talking about the Masters, the one and only Masters

Lets all forget about March Madnessand focus on what I like to call the best week of golf of the entire year. It is not everyone that gets a chance to play this amazing course and sacred tournament. The ways in which one can enter the field are listed below its by no means a push over to get into the Masters.

  1. Masters Tournament Champions
  2. US Open Champions (Non-Competing after 5 years)
  3. British Open Champions (Non-Competing after 5 years)
  4. PGA Champions (Non-Competing after 5 years)
  5. Winners of the Players Championship (2005 and 2006)
  6. Current US Amateur Champion and Current US Amateur Runner-Up
  7. Current British Amateur Champion
  8. Current US Amateur Public Links Champion
  9. Current Mid-Amateur Champion
  10. The first 16 players, including ties, in the 2006 Masters Tournament
  11. The first 8 players, including ties, in the 2006 US Open Championship
  12. The first 4 players, including ties, in the 2006 British Open
  13. The first 4 players, including ties, in the 2006 PGA Championship
  14. The 40 leaders on the Official PGA Tour Money List for 2006
  15. The 10 leaders on theOfficialPGA Tour Money List published the week prior to the 2007 Masters
  16. The 50 leaderson the Final Official World Golf Ranking for 2006
  17. The 50 leaders on the Official World Golf Ranking published the week prior to the 2007 Masters

After looking over these harsh requirements to simply be part of the Masters field, it is no wonder why most players get so excited to return to the all famous Agusta National for another try at golfs all time glory or will they see their dreams vanish in Amens Corner… This year there will be five Amateurs competing to obtain top honors and also try to beat the pros and win the tournament. This year we will get the chance to see Richie Ramsey the USAmateur Champ from Scotland try and win over the fans with his nick name ‘Rambo’, the US Amateur Runner-Up was John Kelly whom most did not expect to be here, so he has the most to prove. Then there is the French player Julien Guerrier who won the British Amateur, The US Public Links Champ is Casey Watabu who beat none other than Anthony Kim in the final, Kim was the top player at Oklahoma and is currently playing on the PGA Tour due to invits and is a force to follow in the future. Then there is Mr. Dave Womack who won the US Mid Amateur he might be one of the players that will be carrying a lot of weight on his shoulders around Agusta for the simple fact that he is a native of the Peach State.

As always this years Green Jacket will go to the player that manages his emotions and does not fall apart on the back nine, especially around Amen Corner where many past Jackets have been both won and lost, its hard to pick some favorites. We all have Tiger on our minds as well as Phil or could it finally be Cris DiMarco’s time to rise and collect glory?

I personally have 4 players whom I would have to lay money on if given the chance,

tiger-fist-pump.bmpTiger Woods is my top pick to have Phil put on the Green Jacket on his back this year. Tiger already has 4 Jackets, but he is aiming to beat Jack Nicklaus’s all time Major wins, so why not add onto the ones he won in 2005, 2002, 2001 and who can forget the one in 1997 when he destroyed the field and the course with ease.

phil.bmpI can’t allow Phil Mickelson not to be part of my favorites he did win his first Major here in 2004 and this year he comes back as the Defending Champion, the question now lies is he going to be able to fend of a Tiger that seems to be winning everytime he tees is up and just came of another WGC championship win playing not even close to his standards. Phil has shown us over the years that he can win and that he can win Majors now too, yes lets not forget how he blew away the US Open last year. But we all know thats the way Phil likes to play he likes to have fun and has been quoted as saying if he does not take the risks he does that he would not be enjoying himself on the links. Phil can win the Masters again this year if he learns when to hit driver and when to back down to a fairway metal or even a long iron, he has the iron play and the short came to compete with the best.

langer.bmpBernhard Langer is one of my long shots for this years Masters, but people do not forget that he is the proud owner of two Green Jackets which he won in 1993 and 1985. Maybe Mr. Langer is getting old but he still has the urge and the pride to still want to perform at the highest level. He may not have the length that is required but he drives is straight and if he can overcome his putting vows then don’t be shocked to see him placing in the top 10.

fred-couples.bmpFinally I have to place my all time favorite player on the long shot picks for the Masters, none other than good ol, Fredrick Stevens Couples, A.K.A ‘Fred Couples’ who only has one major to his name the 1992 Masters, where Amen’s Corner was more than forgiving to one of the players whom I like to refer to as the peoples champs. He might not be playing as much as before due to his on going problem with back issues, but if there is one player who I would like to see do well its Freddie. Known as Boom Boom for a reason he has the length thats for sure, his short game is up to standards, but if his putting goes South then so will his scores in a heart beat.

To round up real quick, I can personally say that I will be glued to the TV as much as I can and I know for a fact that I wont be the only one, Enjoy and lets see whom will be the first major winner of the Year!

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March 19th, 2007

Dancing With The Stars

The fourth season of the hit television show, Dancing With The Stars kicks off tonight, and has the latest odds. The winners from the first three years were actress Kelly Monaco, singer Drew Lachey, and former NFL great Emmitt Smith.

Here are this year�s favorites with odds listed in parenthesis.

Laila Ali (150)

She might not �float like a butterfly and sting like a bee� like her dad Muhammad did, but the apple doesn�t fall far from the tree. This boxer is quick on her feet and that has made her the favorite.

Joey Fatone (225)

A former member of the boy band N-Sync, this singer and actor is out to prove he still has the moves after turning 30. At these odds, most think that he does.

Ian Ziering (420)

Ziering is a 42 year-old actor best known as Steve Sanders on the television series, Beverly Hills 90210. If Ziering loses, expect a big pow-wow at the Peach Pit with Kelly, Donna, Dylan, Brandon, and Brenda.

Apolo Anton Ohno (600)

This 24 year-old speedskater is a two time Olympic gold medalist. That athletic background immediately moves him towards the top of the odds list.

Leeza Gibbons (800)

Gibbons is a 49 year-old talk show host best known for hosting Entertainment Tonight. These odds seem to be giving a lot of respect for her dancing skills.

Clyde Drexler (900)

Clyde �The Glide� is a 44 year-old Hall of Fame basketball player who made his mark with Portland and Houston. Thankfully, we do not have to see former teammate, Charles Barkley participate in this event.

Shandi Finnessey (900)

This 28 year-old beauty queen is most famous for winning the Miss USA title. We know she has the looks, but does she have the dancing moves?

Billy Ray Cyrus (1000)

Cyrus is a 45 year-old country music singer best known for his hit, �Achy Breaky Heart�. After this competition, he may have �Achy Breaky Feet�.

Paulina Porizkova (1200)

Porizkova is a 41 year-old former Supermodel best known for her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit covers in the 1980�s. She is still married to former Cars singer Ric Ocasek.

John Ratzenberger (1200)

This 59 year-old actor is most famous for playing mailman Cliff Clavin on the legendary television series, Cheers. No word on whether his buddy Norm (George Wendt) will be in the next Dancing With The Stars version.

Heather Mills (3100)

Mills is famous for being the former wife of Paul McCartney. The odds on her are so low because she is performing in this competition with an artificial leg.

Bet on Dancing with the Starts.

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