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October 30th, 2006

English Premier League for First Week in November

Games for Sat Nov 4th, Sun Nov 5th, Mon Nov 6th

Fulham v Everton: Prediction Everton because they’re playing good football this days, last week they almost upset the arsenal at home, Cahill lately it’s showing the game he showed us on the world cup with the aussi team.

Liverpool v Reading: Prediction Liverpool, rafa benitez team it’s not done yet, as he told, they are fighting a lot to stay in the first positions, they’re playing at the anfield where they rarely loose, and i think we can expect more from them, Reading stared doing things very well upsetting a lot of teams, but 3 lost games in a row, makes it more difficult because all the teams that stared weak, now they are fit, and reading it’s showing us the opposite way.

Manchester United v Portsmouth: Tough game to predict because both teams are coming in good shape, Man U looks like they got back the old Wayne Rooney and it’s doing what he is suppose to do…..scoring and making superb appearances, Portsmouth also finding their game, they have a very difficult visit at the Old Trafford where in very rare occasions the Manchester United loose.

Prediction Bolton v Wigan: Prediction Bolton, Wigan it’s struggling this year a lot to get good results, while the Bolton it’s just doing the opposite way, erasing everything they did bad last season, they are in the 3rd place behind the Chelsea and seems like they are going up like the foam, despites losing against the man U they really are fighting for a place for Europe next year.

Watford v Middlesbrough: Watford struggling this first year in the premier league, they still in the last position but they play tough at home, in the other part Middlesbrough a middle table team it’s having a hard time to climb, but they have to star winning if they want to try to get to Europe next year. Prediction Draw

Charlton v Manchester City: Probably one of the weirdest games of the week, because we’re seeing 2 very inconsistent teams, Man city it’s not showing at all and Charlton it’s looking to play next year at the English Championship if they continue playing like they’re. Man city they can’t win outside their stadium and the best results that Charlton have got this season have been at home…….so do the math. Prediction Charlton at home

Newcastle v Sheff United: Prediction Newcastle last week draw against Charlton prove that Newcastle has troubles playing with teams from the last positions, also Newcastle not having the best of their seasons, they have been struggling to gain positions but each weekend it’s a total different story from the week before, Newcastle have been very inconsistent but they are playing with sheff united another team making their first appearance in the premier league and seems like they can’t find shape on it.

West Ham v Arsenal: Prediction Arsenal, arsenal started weak the season but they’re returning to their football, they play against a very weak West Ham, they are playing away this time but they showed us that outside the Emirates Stadium they play good and they score a lot. Tottenham v Chelsea: Prediction Chelsea we are talking about the champions, they are showing that they are for big things this year, they don’t have their 1st goalkeeper, but the bench it’s doing it well, Cheva it’s finally finding a place in the scoring table, and Michael Ballack too, they have the most dominant striker in the league Didier Drogba and he is proving Jose Mourinho that he is there for a reason.

Aston Villa v Blackburn: Prediction Draw Aston Villa meets the Rovers at the villa park for a tough game because both teams coming from a lost, and Aston Villa lost his streak without loosing, and i think that was the best for the villa this year and the rovers a middle table team looking to try to climb a little in their race for Europe.

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October 27th, 2006

Snoop Dogg Arrested @ SoCal Airport – October 26th

snoopdogg.bmp Rapper Snoop Dogg was Arrested Thursday 26th of October at the Southern California airport(Bob Hope Airport) When the rapper whos real name is Calvin Broadus pulled up at a loading zone, airport officers stopped him due to a vehicle violation. Once they had him cited for the violation they proceded to search his vehicle and during this search they found both a gun and marijuana. Snoop Dogg was later released after posting a $35,000 bail and was then scheduled to appear in court on Dec 12th.

Rappers are known for always being in trouble with the Law, but I think that a lot times they are also hunted by the Police. Snoop Dogg has had his fair share of runins with the law, he was part of the notorious N.W.A which was known for its harsh lyrics and hate towards the police. N.W.A was made up of the following artists, Ice Cube, MC Ren, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E may he rest in peace and DJ Yella. Snoop Dogg is from the west coast and he has no shame is showing it either, he has always been related to the Crips out of California.

up-in-smoke-tour.bmpSnoop Dogg has been around for along time and always seems to keep on producing new and improved music. He took part in one of the better tours that I have ever seen the Up In Smoke Tour, this tour was made up of MC Ren, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and of course Snoop Dogg himself. Society has been good at blaming rap artists for violence in todays world, but I don’t see how people can say that due to listening to rap music it makes one want to go and shoot up the school. Where were the parents when all this happened, they are the ones that allow the kids to get out of control and tell me where do they get the guns from, yes thats right from their parents house. Rap is a type of music that involves amazing beats and the lyrics are poetic. I say we let the Rap artist produce their music and if ya don’t like it then don’t listen to it thats the bottom line…

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October 26th, 2006

World Amateur Team Championships Day #1

world.gifSo day one of the Championship is over with and the top three teams are so far Canada -5, Netherlands -3 and France -2. The teams that I had predicted to do well slipped a little on day one, but hey there are still another three days to go. Team USA is at -1, Scotland Even, Spain +1, England +5 and Sweden +6. Oliver Fisher from England shot a round of 2 over par and Herbert Day from El Salvador posted a respectable +3. Day two will make or break some of these teams dreams and to others it might prove their strong play, I look to see Canada maybe slipping a little and I do expect Teams USA, Scotland and Spain to make a move up the leaderboard. We will have to wait to see what happens tomorrow, maybe it will be team South Africa that will make the move and try and be the holders of both the Womens and the Mens cups.

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October 25th, 2006

World Amateur Team Championship 2006

world.gif�This week is by far the biggest for amateur golfers around the world, well at least for the three lucky players that get to represent their country. The women already played their part of the Amateur Championship�where the host team of South Africa took the title. This week its time for the men to smack the white balls around the links at the De Zalze Golf Club which is also in South Africa, there are a total of 70 teams at this years event and there are for sure a few different teams that could run away with the title.

��� Personally I see the team of Spain being a contender, due to their number one player being Pablo Martin the top player at College level and the top player of Oklahoma State University. Scotland is led by none other than Richie Ramsey the winner of this years US Amateur championship, England is led by maybe the future of golf Oliver Fisher whom is a young star on the rise. The USA is led by the experienced Trip Kuehne and he has Jonathan Moore whom also plays at Oklahoma State and won the NCAA championship last year and their third man is the senior from University of Georgia Chris Kirk. The team of Sweden is by no means a push over they are led by Niklas Lemke one of the top college players in the states who plays for the Arizona State Sun Devils, then they have Oscar Floren whom plays at Texas Tech and finally they have Bjorn Akesson whom is the top ranked junior golfer in Sweden maybe even in Europe. Those are the teams that I would have to say have a good chance of winning, but then again whom knows we might be in for an upset.

� Finally I would like to mention a player from El Salvador his name is Herbet Day, I had the chance to watch him play the last two years here in Costa Rica for the Central American Championship, he has a lot of skill and lacks no confidence at all. He is still a junior golfer but plays with his heart on the sleeve lets see how he preforms at this level.

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October 25th, 2006

Chad Collins – UPDATE

nationwide.bmp�So now that the season is getting close to being over, I figured that I would be a good time to write a small update on my College Teammate Chad. Last week he was placed 34th on the Money Order List, but after his tied for 4th this weekened he moved up to 26th on the Money Order List, I know that I will be pulling for him since he now has a good looking chance of maybe finally accomplishing his long time dream which is making it onto the PGA Tour. Its all down to grunch time and the Collins camp these next weeks and I know for a fact that�I won’t be the only Monarch following his results.

��� Lately I have been seeing that everyone thinks that golf is all about the distance of the tee and making�lots of cuts in order to make money and be able to live out on tour, but I am about to prove them all wrong with the following stats. Chad so far this year has made eleven cuts but has missed thirteen cuts, he is currently ranked 139th on driving distance, but here is why Chad is making a move up the money list. He ranks 6th per putts per round, ranks 14th in sand saves and is 16th on the putting average.

�� Like a Wiseman once told me “Drive to Show, putt for Dough” and I don’t think that there are many much better than Chad showing us just that.

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October 19th, 2006

Miami – Florida International University

So what exactly happened on the field in the third quarter of the Miami Vs. Florida Internation University, well to be fair I am still not sure what really started it all. I am pretty sure that maybe it was due to some serious exchange of words in between players and that the Hurricanes players were taunting the Florida players and stumping on the Logo of the other team might not have helped the overall situation either. These two schools are located not much more than ten miles apart from one another, it was the first time that they were to play each other. If there was no bad blood between them to start with well the for sure is now. ESPN wrote it the best saying that Miami should be known as Thug University and that FIU should be known as Thugs in Training.

Now my only concern was why did Miami not taken harder actions against the players that caused all this free for all brawl, it was like playing one of those beat em up video games everything goes. Just like the Miami player that decided that his helmet was not for protection but made to smack other players with the intention of causing serious injury. A one day suspension is a joke and its just seems that the Thugs at Miami can do what the feel like without any actions being taken by the University. Now is this the type of players that we want to see in the future of the NFL or what???

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October 16th, 2006

Business as Usual

So the President signed the bill… nobody really knows�how this will affect the industry in the short�or long�run and I guess we are just going to wait an see.

Change is the only�constant and I know the industry will adjust, but�your guess is as�good as mine�on�how and what the time�frame is.� I guess it is their move first.���

Reading articles related to the current issue has been more than interesting…�did not know much about the Wire Act of 1961, but it kept on coming up in all the articles I read.


But while the new act now categorically outlaws online gambling (the previous 1961 Wire Act was only used to charge firms that took sports bets), Kelly believes American gamblers will still find a way to pay their online bets. That’s because despite the new law, the majority of the more than 2,000 offshore online gambling companies will continue to take bets from the United States, he said. “The smaller companies who are not publicly traded will keep going. What have they got to lose?”

The Wire Act of 1961 makes it illegal to bet online, specifically on sports. But the law is nearly impossible to enforce, and nearly 80 countries allow wagers online. The $12 billion industry is expected to soar to $24.5 billion by 2010, says researcher Christiansen Capital Advisors.

Don’t have much to add, but I know it is “BUSINESS AS�USUAL” here in paradise!�


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October 7th, 2006

Pablo Martin Benavides – Oklahoma State University – Cowboys

osu.bmpSo whom is the top ranked collegiate golf player at the moment well its none other than the Spaniard Pablo Martin, whom plays for OSU. The kid is currently a Junior and when he first showed up on the College scene he did so with a bang, he won his first tournament which was the Ping Preview which assembles one of the strongest fields all year. Pablo for those who knew him before he went to the States had high expectations, but for him to win the Phil Mickelson award, was a different story. The Phil Mickelson award is given out each year to the top Freshman of the year so this spoke volumes about his playing abilities.

Pablo before college had already racked up an impressive resume; in 2001 he won the British Boys championship by beating fellow Spaniard Rafael Cabrera whom is currently playing on both the European Tour and the European Challenge Tour. 2002 was the year he went on a rampage, won the European Under 18 title and the European Under 16 championship. He then went onto winning the Spanish Amateur and lost in the quarter finals of the British Boys. In 2003 won the Spanish International Championship, finished runner up in the British Boys, won the Orange Bowl after shooting a final round 64 to win by three. Also in 2003 he entered the final round of the European Tour, Spanish Open tied for the lead but slipped and ended up tied for 22nd. In 2004 he walked away with the Carris Trophy which is the English Under 18 Championship with a total of 12 under par after shooting rounds of 74, 68, 69, 65, his final round 65 was good enough to set a new course record.

I have had the pleasure of playing with Pablo a few times in the past, he is currently a member at Guadalhorce golf club, in the Southern part of Spain, but before that he was a member at the club that I play at. The first time I played with Pablo in a tournament was in the third round of the Andalucian Championships, he was 13 and I was 18 and this time he was already playing of a 3 handicap and everyone knew he was just going to keep getting better. The last time I had a chance to play with him was in 2001 when I was home from college and we were both playing in a two day memorial tournament at Las Brisas Golf Club, one of the finer clubs in Spain. I remember that we gave him a ride to the tournament since his dad was working he was waiting for me when I came up the 18th. He looked satisfied with what he had done, he asked me what you fire and I responded one over 72. His response was great round, so I asked him and he smiled and pointed seven fingers down and said 64 seven under. Day two I played in the group just infront of him and I shot a 69 two under par to finish one under for the event. Pablo shot a second round 67 four under for a total of 11 under par and won the event by 8 shots.

So Pablos Sophomore year was just around the corner, in between the two seasons he went along to win the 2005 Porter Cup with rounds of 67, 67, 66, 69. He defended his Ping Preview title and that sent the fear into all players. He was awarded with the Jack Nicklaus and Fred Haskins awards which are both given annually to the nations top player, finished of his season with a fifth place at the NCAA championship after posting a total of six under par with rounds of 66, 72, 71, 71. I will not be shocked to see Pablo have another great season at OSU and I would put money on him being there at the NCAA championship with a chance to become the National Champion.

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October 5th, 2006

Analysis of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006

Today when I got to work I was recieved with the big new’s there is a new analysis of the
Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 and what it means for gamblers around the world. This is crazy and the worst part of it is that we take the time to read it and we dont comment on the fact that it may bring problems to us in a short future and that it can be a problem for all of us out there. For gamblers and employees of the offshore gambling. And what do we do to say “no” we want to be free and do as we please… when we please. At the end of the day the money is our’s, we work for it and we can use it on what we want to.

going over the facts and what it means to us…

The Act aims to stop anyone handling financial transactions related to online gambling,
with some minor exceptions.

#1 It aims to stop banks from allowing customers to send funds to offshore sites and to criminalize those who accept those funds for the purpose of gambling. The Act is pretty �catch all� in what counts as a financial transaction, it covers ((electronic funds transfers, credit cards, checks, drafts and �proceeds from any other financial transaction�)) scery…..
#2 It covers all �unlawful Internet gambling� including poker. The Act defines �unlawful Internet gambling� as �to place, receive, or otherwise knowingly transmit a bet or wager by any means which involves the use, at least in part, of the Internet where such bet or wager is unlawful under any applicable Federal or State law in the State in which the bet or wager is initiated, received, or otherwise made.� In other words, unless the gambling is state legislated then it is illegal.
What does this really mean to us???

While those drafting the legislation did not intend to criminalize any individual placing a bet or playing poker online the loose wording could, in theory, catch someone who made their living as a professional gambler or poker player. It is unlikely that this would be applied to individuals but it is not impossible that this legislation could be used to prosecute an ividual.
The wording suggests that anyone running a site promoting online gambling � whether it
is a sports gambling information site, sports betting forum, watchdog site, rakeback or affiliate site � could be considered to be �in the business of betting�. This is likely to affect thousands of small gambling websites. The legislation allows for the government to ask sites to remove links to gambling sites and also to ask Internet Service Providers to take the companies offline. Realistically, if the online gambling sites cease to operate then so will these information sites as there will be no affiliate revenue to keep them going.

It also suggests that �skill gaming� sites will be illegal � under the definition of the Act it definitely appears that playing chess for money online will now be in breach of the law. ( or anything that you can have fun doing ) The books, mainly those not publicly traded will take a wait and see approach. They barely have anything to fear. The smaller books may fold up the tents and go home, but they were on thin margins anyway. The books are mentioned as potential criminals but the real target is financial transactions. Not the books, not blocking isps. And now the important part of it is….

�”who does it not affect?”

The chief winners from the Act are operators of fantasy sport sites. Despite the fact that their activities are very similar to gambling in many ways, there is a specific exemption for fantasy sites. However they may not have their scoring systems based on a team�s performance, team score on the point spread on that game. This means fantasy sports
must be based on the statistical performance of a group of players. The fantasy sport
operators may also not offer prizes related to the number of entrants into the fantasy pool.
( that’s convenient. :-). )

How fantasy sports have managed to get this exemption is something of a mystery and�a
doubt some online gambling operators will be looking to see if their sites can be changed
into fantasy sites.

State lotteries also do well from this legislation. They are now specifically allowed to start online operations and to club together to provide multi-state jackpots on their sites. It also allows them to run ‘casino style’ games of chance on their websites, akin to the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals in UK betting shops. ( once again really convenient ) and if thats not enough….
The religious right is slowly turning our country into a facist state. They must be repudiated before the entire game ends. They are the power brokers, not the front men who are merely puppets. All of the right wingnut religious power brokers must be stood up and straightened out. If everyone just takes this they will walk all over you until there is nothing left but them, and people afraid to stand up to them. This is the path we are on now. Why are they so powerful? Because they vote, they campaign and fund candidates. They work the political machine to perfection. In order to beat them you have to do the same. Become vocal, more importantly become heard and seen. Vote, write letters and make phone calls. They slipped this in the backdoor at the last minute when no one can do anything about it, the American way. Right wing candidate? Oppose them. Contribute against them, get them voted out. Enough of the Kyl’s, Frist’s and Leeches. Out.

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October 1st, 2006

Tiger again! And with fury

ppgtour.bmp So this Sunday 1st of October, Mr. Woods once again made another statement in regards to his golf game and how much better he is than everyone else. Having the chance to get to watch most of the coverage for the four days, I can say what blew my mind the most was not Tiger winning by 8 strokes, yes thats right he won by 8 strokes. What really got my attention was him after playing the par 5 18th four times he has managed to eagle it not only on day one, but day two and also on day three. On Sunday he decided to two putt for a birdie, that means he played the hole for the four days a total of seven under par.

It looks like Tiger had some steam to let out that was burning him on the inside from the Ryder Cup. Not only did Tiger show us why he is the number one ranked player in the world but that there is no one even close to being as good as him. When Tiger is on his game there is no one and I say no one that can beat him, or even come close to beating him. When he is at 100% he makes everyone look like they are just playing for fun and trying to see whom gets second place. This year alone Tiger has nearly racked up $10 million in winnings, the season is coming to an end again and there is no second guessing whom will be voted player of the year again!!

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